The page views have spoken! Below we have gathered PPC Hero’s four most visited, and hopefully most valuable, blog posts from November. Whether you’re a new subscriber or a current subscriber you may have missed these insightful and helpful tips involving the world of pay-per-click. Enjoy!

  • A problem many professional SEMs run into is inheriting PPC accounts from clients who most likely didn’t know what they were doing. This creates a unique set of problems for account management. With Google AdWords, those problems are compounded with Quality Score. This post outlines five considerations for appropriately managing an inherited AdWords account.

  • What’s the best way to launch a new keyword? You should launch your new keywords with aggressive bids and high ad positions. By doing this you’re giving these keywords the chance jump out of the gate sprinting and you’ll be able to quickly determine which ones are your thoroughbreds and which can be put to pasture. This means that you’ll figure out which keywords will work best for your campaign faster!
  • Whether you’re a beginner paid search manager or a veteran, Jennifer Laycock’s post on 5 Common Paid Search Mistakes is something everyone should read and remember. We have listed 5 Additional Paid Search Mistakes that we felt needed to be included into the mix. Some common mistakes include: not spending enough time on your ad text, not having a relevant landing page, not checking up on your competition and more!