Our Greatest Hits For September 2010

The page views have spoken! Below we have gathered PPC Hero’s four most visited, and hopefully most valuable articles from September. Whether you’re a new or long-time subscriber, you may have missed these insightful and helpful PPC management tips.

Quality score is a fundamental part of every PPC campaign, and can have a tremendous effect on your accounts performance and spend. (The two most important things, right?)  A higher quality score can mean less expensive keyword bids and a higher ad position, so, it’s important to be proactive in improving your quality score.  Interested in quality score tips? Check out my blog 6 Steps To Raise Your Quality Score.

Account structure is the foundation of everything PPC.  Your quality score, cost, and performance depend heavily on your account’s structure. If you’re looking to build or better structure a campaign, make sure you follow Jen’s tips on Account Structure Set Up and Best Practices.  Not sure that you need a restructure?  Jen’s blog can help you decide if you need to make improvements.

Click-through-rate is yet another very important metric, as it takes affect on quality score, therefore affecting price and position of ads.  By analyzing your various ad and keyword click-through-rate, you can see which ads and keywords are performing to par and which ones could use some help.  Jenny’s post on improving your click-through-rate is very informative, including a video introduction to Google’s ad auction as well as useful tips in increasing your click-through rate.

Before creating a PPC campaign you should get to know your target market, your client’s needs, and your goals.  In order to make the process easier, Erin has broken it down into steps.  If you’re new to PPC or are planning a new campaign, Erin’s blog Developing a PPC Strategic Plan offers great suggestions for PPC veterans and newbies, alike.

Smart Ways to Get More Marketing Budget and Better Tools

In this new live webinar, Kristin Vick from Hanapin Marketing and Jeff Sauer from Jeffalytics discuss how marketers can ensure they have the budget they need to be effective with online advertising and get the right tools to make that argument.

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