At Hero Conf we challenge you to question your best practices, to reinvent your current campaigns and to go beyond the fundamentals to implement the most advanced techniques within your accounts. We throw nearly 11 hours of PPC-specific content at you, mixed with dedicated breaks & after-hours activities to rub elbows with the industry’s finest, all within two days.

We get it…it’s a lot. You’ll be exhausted and maybe you’ll experience a social hangover, but you’ll be motivated.

You’ll be inspired, excited, connected & validated by the passion around you. You’ll be returning home with new strategies to implement, new ideas to take to your clients, new standards to strive for and new friends, mentors or partnerships. You’ll be better.

Our goal as an industry leading agency and the host of Hero Conf is to make you better. To make learning about PPC and getting better at your job not only easy, but fun and entertaining. Check out 5 sessions we are most excited to offer at Hero Conf London, all intended to simply make you better.

Unleashing the Power of Search and Social Integration

Jason Dailey | Facebook

Examine the trends in the Search and Social landscape as it relates to targeting audiences and identifying consumer intent, best-practices for integrating paid Search and Social campaigns, the latest research on the impact combining paid Search and Social efforts & paid social direct response tactics that complement and supplement paid Search campaigns (e.g. Dynamic Product Ads).

Make the Most of Your Facebook Campaigns

Laura Collins | Periscopix

Learn the advantages of running paid Facebook campaigns and how they fit into the wider marketing mix, to select the right targeting and ad formats to achieve your goals, & proven examples of winning strategies that they can execute for their own business.

Machine Learning: What is it & How Will it Shape the Future of Marketing?

Alex De Simone | Avochato

Discover the fundamental basics of AI, ML, and DL– and how they differ, the impact of these technologies on three topics: 1) Conversation and Content Analysis; 2) Data Visualization; 3) Automation of Data Collection, & examples of how the predictive nature and computational efficiency of machine learning will empower marketers.

A Seismic Shift in Shopping: Mobile is the New Desktop

Christian Scharmüller | Smarter Ecommerce

Find out best-practice tips regarding how to intelligently evaluate differences between desktop and mobile, how to make the right decision based on campaign data instead of gut feelings, and why Shopping Ads ranking has such a hefty influence on PLA performance.

User Scoring, Quantitative Personas & Precision Remarketing, Oh My!

Sayf Sharif | Seer Interactive

Understand how to create cross-session (even cross-device) audiences based on a variety of user behaviors, to target not just people that view a specific page or product, but people who have complex behaviors, like viewing more of content A than content B over 6 months, while also not subscribing to your newsletter, and having never visited your lead form, and who have never clicked on an ad before. Learn the specific steps to turn qualitative personas like “Decision Maker Debbie” into a targetable audience & code examples to make this a reality with Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics.

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