Panama Is Coming Again!

By Joseph Kerschbaum | @@JoeKerschbaum

I don’t know if any other international PPC agencies, or individuals, have received their notification, but we received our first one this morning: Yahoo’!’s Panama is coming to the UK! The migration letter is the same one distributed to US advertisers (aside from being slightly anglicized) so there aren’t any new developments regarding the migration process. Finally, the USA has an export of epic proportions to volley back at those Brits… of course, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, and Eddie Izzard are going to be hard to beat, but I think Panama is up for the challenge.

The PPC Training You've Been Missing

Hero Conf. You've heard about it. You've followed the tweets. You've seen photos of Brad Geddes & Fred Vallaeys dominating the main stage. And maybe you've attended. But one thing is certain, you haven't experienced an all-PPC event quite like what we've prepared for Hero Conf...


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