If you could divulge your biggest challenges in paid search advertising to an expert who is highly revered by industry peers, approved by 15 US & UK agency leaders, and a driving force in PPC innovation, would you?

At Hero Conf you can.

Hopefully by now your experience with PPC Hero has introduced you to Hero Conf, our annual PPC conference encompassing all the training, networking, and Brad Geddes your nerdy heart could desire. We offer 40 breakout sessions alongside 4 keynotes across 2 days designed to give you an unparalleled education on the industry’s latest innovations in paid search. But what is regarded as the most valuable piece of the conference by those who attend, is our half-day workshops following the main event.

Wait a minute. “You suggest I take more time away from the office to attend even MORE training?!” Yes, I certainly do. And here’s why…

Hero Conf is built on exceptional, actionable content. Your list of ideas and action items post-conference will be pages long. The biggest complaint we get is there’s so much to implement, you’re not sure where to start. The workshops solve this problem.

The small group size (5-15 people) means you will get personal attention and have your specific questions answered. The focus on either agency growth, excel skills, or 1:1 suggestions for your specific account helps narrow your priorities further. And the extra half-day out of the office will make sure you fully immerse yourself in becoming the ultimate PPC Superhero.


Already registered for a Hero Conf London Conference Pass and want to add on a workshop? No problem. Email HeroConf@hanapinmarketing.com and we’ll get you all set.