PPC Hero "Best of 2007" Week!

2007 was an exciting year for us! We launched PPC Hero and have had a lot of fun and success teaching others about pay-per-click! This week we’re doing a “Best of 2007” list series. Some of these lists will include the top PPC developments of 2007; Top PPC blogs that we read daily; our most popular PPC Hero posts; and our top 3 success stories for our own account management.

Here’s what you have to look forward to:

  • Wednesday: Top 10 PPC Hero Blog Posts of 2007
  • Thursday: Our 3 Favorite End-of-Year Lists
  • Friday: PPC Hero Allies: Our Favorite PPC Blogs of 2007

A Reminder About Work-Life Balance

Proper Work-Life Balance Is Something Easily Forgotten. Here Is A Reminder That It's Okay To Have A Life Outside Of Work & Constantly Checking Performance.