PPC Hero and Hanapin are Using Social Media to Give Back

Hanapin Marketing and PPC Hero are invested in giving back to our community and others in need. In fact, Hanapin donates part of our profits to charities every year. This time, we’re going to let our loyal readers have a say in our our donations through social media! We have decided to donate $0.25 for every new follower PPC Hero (@ppchero) or Hanapin Marketing (@Hanapin) receives throughout the month of May! Not only can you control the amount of our donation, but you can also decide WHERE it is donated! Vote for the charity of your choice in the survey below- the organization with the most votes will receive our donation. Involved in a charitable organization not listed? Fill in the “other” category, and get all your friends to do the same! Already follow PPC Hero and Hanapin? RT this post like crazy for all your colleagues to participate!

Stay tuned to find out how much we raise and what organization received the most votes!
Let the giving begin!

*Max donation of $5,000

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