PPC Hero Landing Page Critique Podcast - PhosphoSolutions

Today’s PPC Hero Landing Page Critique Podcast will focus on PhosphoSolutions, submitted by Mike Browning. Mike said in submission that his goal is to increase sales from his website. PhosphoSolutions is a company that is dedicated to making and selling antibodies.

With this in mind, the PPC Hero team set out to give Mike some tips and advice on optimizing his landing page. Our areas of focus in this podcast include:

  • Presenting information on a landing page that will get your audience excited about your product.
  • Also, presenting information to your audience in the manner that they are accustomed.
  • Ways to quickly and efficiently present benefits of your products.
  • Layout out adjustments in order to streamline the design

Mike’s core keywords include: GABA antibody, GABA antibodies, GABA receptor antibody.

Here is a snapshot of Mikes landing page:

Give the podcast a listen, and hopefully you’ll come away with a few actionable items for your own landing page!

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