PPC Hero Readers Are Winners!


The results from the PPC Summit Best Practices & Successful Strategies Contest are in, and one of our very own readers has won! The winner is Sterling Simpson from AbeBooks.com. Sterling has won a free pass to either PPC Summit San Francisco (May 19-20) or Los Angeles (Sept. 25-26). Way to go Sterling!

Just for participating in the contest, PPC Summit is extending a special $300 discount to PPC Hero’s loyal readers! When signing up, you can use this discount code: CONTEST. It’s just that easy.

Here is a brief description of the Summit: PPC Summit is the leading internet marketing workshop with sessions designed to connect you with profitable expert search engine strategies. We have an exciting agenda lined up, beginning with the Microsoft Keynote covering Keyword Strategies and other sessions delving into all aspects of SEM. During two full days of interactive how-to sessions, you will learn how to make more money with pay per click and search engine marketing.

Thanks to everyone who entered!

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