PPC Hero Readership Survey- Win an Amazon Gift Card!

By Bethany Harvey | @Hanapin

Ladies and Gents, it’s that time again…a PPC Hero Readership Survey! Two years ago, we asked for your help in determining our readers’ demographics, and in this fast-paced industry, we are well overdue for an update. Our goal is two-fold: first, we would like to learn specific details about our readers for us to continually write relevant content on the blog, and secondly we would like to collect, process, and share this important data with the pay-per-click industry at large.

As an incentive for your participation, we’re offering five $25 Amazon gift cards. Please take a few minutes prior to December 20th to share a little bit about yourself and how you fit into the PPC industry. Once we have collected and processed your responses, we will share all of this data on the blog! If you’d like a shot at winning a gift card, be sure to fill in the last box of the survey which asks for your email. If you’re a lucky winner, the PPC Hero team will email your prize before the holidays!

Thanks for your participation!

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