The elusive PPC Hero has been spotted in several places around the blogosphere here lately.  Suprisingly, he always dons a different disguise, looking eerily like Joe, Amber or myself.  Odd…  Regardless, the content is still great and is chocked full of PPC goodies for your consumption!

Post Click Marketing

Joe wrote an article for the Post Click Marketing blog that details how to use your PPC ad text to set the proper conversion action expectation on your landing page.

Grey Wolf’s SEO Blog

Amber joined the guest posting club with Grey Wolf’s SEO blog.  Her post was a run-down of Google’s double serving policy which has affected many PPC affiliate marketers.

Website Magazine

I was given the opportunity to write an educational expose’ that compared Quality Score in Google AdWords to other quality initiatives in Yahoo! and MSN.

Hope you enjoy these articles as much as we enjoyed writing them!  We’re working on some other guest-posting opportunities and will update you as they come down the pike.  Keep your eyes open – PPC Hero could appear anywhere!