Six years ago to this very day, Hanapin Marketing launched this blog and produced its very first blog post. It was titled “Let the Adventure Begin.”

And what an adventure it has been! Since that first post, PPC Hero has grown beyond our wildest expectations. Almost 2,000 blog posts, 5,000 comments, 12,000 subscribers and tens of thousands more regular readers later, we’ve remained very true to the mission laid out in that humble first blog post:

Being the responsible citizens that we are, we have decided to launch PPC Hero into the world to combat the many woes (and foes) of paid search marketing.

Our goal: To educate the world on the basic techniques and finer skills of successful pay-per-click campaign management. We intend to meet this challenge with helpful strategies developed by our team, site & landing page reviews, PPC case studies, and related news updates.

And that remains our goal to this day. Our expert account managers have continually set the bar higher and higher as they post the expert-level advice that PPC Hero has become known for, and that the wider search marketing world turns to in search of their own growth.

As we’ve watched the blog grow, continually producing luminary thinkers in the search marketing world as well as industry-leading events like the annual Hero Conf PPC conference, we couldn’t be more proud.

And nothing proves that fact more than our affection for the PPC Hero himself, the continually evolving character who acts as both mascot and inspiration, embodying the idea of what we all want to be, and the idea we encourage all PPC managers to aspire toward: being a hero.

So it’s without further ado that we’re very pleased to be able to announce the latest update to the PPC Hero character!

New PPC Hero Character

As the years have gone on, the PPC Hero has grown in a fairly predictable way. He gets taller. He gets stronger. His hair gets better. If that’s not progress, we’re not sure what is.

But we’ve loved each version of the PPC Hero equally, we promise. We’re so proud of them all, we placed life-size (and near life-size, respectively) wall decals of each one in our headquarters, showing the evolution through the years:

Evolution of the PPC Hero

It’s been a great ride with PPC Hero so far, as the blog and Hero Conf (now in its second year, and twice as big!) continue to help the citizens of PPC land, ourselves included.

And there are no signs of slowing down–wherever there are account managers in need; wherever quality scores could be higher; wherever beginners are turning into experts: PPC Hero will be there!

The adventure is far from over.