With the new year approaching, it’s the perfect time to reminisce of 2012 and use the things we’ve learned throughout the holidays & into the new year. With a combined effort from the PPC Hero team we pulled the top 5 tips to get you through the holiday and into the new year. Enjoy these pointers from our PPC Heroes and your holiday season!

“I find that it’s crucial to look across different campaign types to get a good sense of your account. I’ve learned valuable lessons about landing pages (performance across search and display can vary widely) or ad text (certain types of display campaigns respond well to questions while others don’t) using a handful of campaign groupings that I tailor to each of my different accounts.”–      Sean Quadlin, PPC Hero.

 “Pivot tables, pivot tables, pivot tables! Combine these with any PPC metric for some great actionable data. I’ve found these to be particularly helpful when analyzing search queries and determining the amount of spend and/or conversions that might be affected by adding a proposed negative keyword. The sheer versatility of this tool makes it an excellent way to breakdown and analyze your PPC data sheets.”Dave Rosborough, PPC Hero.

“When you’re performing keyword research, the best answer I can give you is to take a good, long look at your account and think about what might be missing. It’s usually something obvious – so utilize your co-workers, a fresh set of eyes, Google’s Keyword Tool, the WordStream’s Keyword Niche Finder and your Search Query Reports to generate new ideas for campaigns and ad groups. It’s always helped me to template keyword builds out, so that I can iterate on new keyword ideas and generate them quickly!” – Eric Couch, PPC Hero


“I like to look at not just CTR or conversion rate when judging ad performance. I divide total impressions by total conversions for each ad to see how many impressions it takes to get one conversions.” – Jeff Allen, PPC Hero

“Too many people forget that a good PPC account is only half the battle! Devote time to landing page and conversion rate testing. Having the best converting website is like being a racecar driver in the fastest car – you aren’t guaranteed to win, but it sure makes it easier.” –  Sam Owen, PPC Hero