NOTE: As an American sports fan, it may seem disingenuous that I dare compare our speaker selection to the UK’s beloved game of football (hey, using the correct English term is a good start, yes?). But I’m going to try anyway. Feel free to insult or question my knowledge as appropriate. It’s all in good fun!

When it comes to selecting speakers for Hero Conf, we’re a pretty serious bunch. Those speakers do in fact drive the event experience and can be the difference between a conference that falls totally flat and one that delivers to at the highest level. We pay close attention to the attendee feedback of every single presenter, tallying scores for the quality of content, effectiveness of the presentation and relevance of the session itself.

We use the highest speaker ratings from the year prior as the starting point for our new agenda. These are the best of the best, those who’ve proven themselves worthy of “premier” status and those we invite first to speak again. So, without further ado, we introduce our top speakers from 2015, who’ll be joining us again at Hero Conf London, 24-26 October at etc.venues St Paul’s:


At the same time, it’s important to note that those speakers who don’t meet our rigorous expectations – to provide original, actionable, advanced-level content –  and place at the bottom of the speaker table will find themselves relegated from our speaker ranks (to where, we can’t really say). It’s not something we enjoy doing, but it’s vitally important that the quality of content is always our number one priority. And sometimes that means making necessary and difficult decisions.

Most exciting for us, is that each year we open sessions to completely new speakers. Lesser-known, but ultra-talented folks who share their passion through well-crafted pitches, video submissions and genuinely unique ideas. We promote them to what we like to think is the top flight, a spot on the stage at Hero Conf. (If you want to be one of those new speakers, you have until Sunday to pitch!). It’s a process we find drives innovation, introduces future stars of the digital marketing world, and allows individuals who may not have the opportunity otherwise to make their move up the table.

We’ll be busy rounding out the rest of our speaking slate over the course of the next month. One thing you can count on is one-of-a-kind content of the highest level. And, like seats at most any English football stadium, we will sell out. Act now to ensure you’re part of London’s Only All-PPC Event.