Our next Hero Conf 2012 speaker transcript is from Matthew Umbro where he tells us how to Prove the Value of PPC Through Conversion Tracking. Don’t forget we will be posting our transcripts from last year periodically through out the coming months. Feel free to reminisce or check out what you missed!

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Woman: Hi, everybody, and welcome. Today, we’re going to have Matthew Umbro speak. Matthew Umbro is a senior Pay-Per-Click Specialist at Exclusive Concepts. He has been in the PPC industry since 2007, working with clients across multiple industries to attain profitable ROIs, improve the lead generation and better brand awareness. He has earned his Google AdWords qualification and is a Microsoft Advertising Accredited Professional. Matthew regularly posts on the Exclusive Concept daily video blog, Your Daily Concept, as part of the PPC Tuesday series.

Matthew is also the founder of PPC Chat, a weekly Twitter chat where industry specialists discuss, analyze, and debate various PPC topics. PPC Chat occurs every Tuesday at 12 PM Eastern and is designated with the hashtag #ppcchat. The tag is also used throughout the week by PPC Chat participants to share industry updates, blog posts, post questions, and more. Weekly streamcaps of PPC Chat can be found on Matthew’s personal blog, The PPC Blog.


Matthew: Thank you. So I’m very excited to be here and talk about a topic that is very dear to me, and I know it’s big for all of us. It’s conversion tracking. How we show the value to our clients and make sure that they know what they’re paying us for and why we’re important.

So what I want to go into today is …