Our Next Hero Conf 2012 transcript is from the Question and Answer session.

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Interviewer: Okay everybody, we’re going to get started with our last session of the day. I’m going to take just a quick second to make one more final call for your full experience evaluations for Hero Conf to get those turned in. We’re going to be doing that drawing here right after this panel is complete, so make sure you get those done. I’m going to briefly introduce our speakers. I think everyone is probably seen them at least once today, so we’ll do this very quickly. We have Brad Geddes from Certified Knowledge; Joanna Lord from SEOMOZ; Matthew Umbro from Exclusive Concepts and PPC Chat; Melissa Mackey from Gyro. Is that how you say it, Melissa? Yeah. Awesome. And Andrew Goodman from Page Zero. So we actually have some pre-prepared questions that we’re going to go ahead and shoot to the panel. And then if we have time for more questions after that we’ll take it to the audience. So the first question for the panel. What are some strategies to ensure that traffic flows to your phrase and exact match if broad has already converted and is showing to the top? I think they’re saying that their phrase in exact match is stealing their traffic from their converted broad match.

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