Are you a small business with American Express Membership Rewards points? Have you considered advertising on Facebook, but needed an extra incentive? Well, good news. As of today, you can redeem your American Express rewards points for Facebook advertising. According to an article in USA Today, $6,750 spent with your AmEx card will get you $50 of Facebook Advertising. This offer isn’t limited to business account holders; any American Express cardholder can redeem their rewards for ads on Facebook.

If you’re curious about how your ads might fare on Facebook, $50 is more than ample to get you started. Facebook offers you the ability to create highly targeted ads through a very simple interface.

Facebook Advertising UI

One thing I really like about Facebook’s interface, is that as you tweak your ad’s targeting (location, demographics, interests, language, etc.), Facebook will give you the estimated reach of your ad, which is very helpful in informing the degree to which you target your ad.

Facebook Adverting UI Targeting Settings

Typing in “precise interests” generates a feature like Google Instant, which will populate suggested interests based on what you’re typing, or you can opt for Broad Category Targeting, which allows you to choose interests from category lists. Like Google and Bing, you’ll create different campaigns and manage a daily budget for each. Another nice feature is that Facebook will give you a suggested range for your max CPC bid. In my experience, sticking in the middle of this suggested range works just fine as a starting point.

So, if you’re already using American Express and think you might benefit from Facebook advertising, I would highly recommend taking advantage of the offer to try Facebook for free. No matter what, Facebook is a great way to gain some brand recognition. But, don’t short change Facebook’s marketing potential. Check out Abby’s post about a Facebook campaign that outperformed its Google counterpart: Facebook – You Can Lead a Horse To Water…

For more information about how you can redeem your AmEx membership rewards for Facebook advertising credits, check out American Express’ Facebook Membership Rewards page (on Facebook, of course).

Will this offer entice you to try using Facebook advertising if you aren’t already? Conversely, would you consider switching to American Express for business purposes to put a little extra money in your advertising budget? Let us know in the comments below.

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