In this monthly post, we bring you the latest from all of the major platforms.

Google Ads

What: Accelerated delivery to be removed in favor of Standard Delivery

Details: Originally planned for September 17th, Standard delivery will become the only ad delivery option for Search and Shopping campaigns on October 7th, 2019. Accelerated delivery, a popular option for accounts struggling to spend current budgets, will no longer be available.

Impact: Standard delivery is the preferred option for most accounts, therefore many advertisers will see little to no impact. For those utilizing accelerated budgets, slight bid and budget adjustments may be needed to maintain current spend levels.

What: Google adds the ability to optimize for conversion value with Enhanced CPC (eCPC)

Details: Google’s recently rolled out smart bidding strategy Maximize Conversion Value has now been expanded into eCPC.

Impact: eCPC works as a middle ground between manual bidding and automated bidding. Previously, the algorithm made dynamic bid changes to maximize conversions when certain behavioral or demographic indicators demonstrated a higher likelihood of such an action. The new option will benefit advertisers more focused on revenue as opposed to conversion volume.

What: Add store visit to Smart Bidding

Details: Advertisers who utilize store visit measurement within Google Ads can now incorporate into their smart bidding strategies.

Impact: Brick and mortar clients now have a direct method for optimizing towards foot traffic within their smart bidding strategies. This option is now available to all advertisers in Search and Shopping Campaigns.

What: Items missing Unique Product Identifiers in Google Shopping will no longer be disapproved

Details: Previously, correct unique product identifiers (UPIs) were vital for ensuring that Google recognizes your products. Common UPIs include Global Trade Item Numbers (GTINs), Manufacturer Part Numbers (MPNs) and brand names. These are no longer needed for delivery within Google Ads.

Impact: Advertisers have grown accustomed to combatting disapprovals for ads with an incorrect or missing UPI. These items will now be eligible to serve in Shopping Ads. It should be noted that the performance of items without correct UPIs may be limited. Comparable items with correct UPIs will receive higher priority.

What: Optimization score is now available in Google Ads Mobile App

Details: Starting September 13, optimization score became visible in the Google Ads Mobile App.

Impact: Google’s mobile optimization score is intended to help advertisers prioritize growth opportunities. Previously the score was only available on desktop. Now, an advertiser can review and implement recommendations anywhere their phone can go.


Microsoft Advertising

What: Microsoft rolled out a product negative keyword conflicts report

Details: The report quickly demonstrates which of your product ads are being blocked by negative keywords.

Impact: Negative keywords are a must for any account to drive high ROI. That said, there can be unintended consequences when rolling out certain negative keywords via non-exact match types. Previously, these issues would be more likely to go unnoticed and therefore exclude relevant traffic. The new report will provide an efficient and effective method for advertisers to audit the impact of negative keywords on their product ads.

What: Microsoft announces a new audience targeting solution

Details: New audiences targeting solutions are coming via an open beta that combines secure customer data with new Microsoft technology to pinpoint ideal customers when they’re ready to buy.

Impact: Options such as similar audiences are expected to help increase conversion rates and lower cost-per-acquisition.


What: Facebook to remove the Discover Tab from Messenger App

Details: The Discover tab was designed to help extend Messenger’s purpose beyond a messaging app. Specific interest categories were presented to users to help them find nearby places or businesses to message.

Impact: Removal of the Discover tab simplifies the messenger app and eliminates a lower-performing ad product.


What: Instagram testing Shopping Posts as Ads

Details: The update grants select businesses the ability to run their existing shopping posts as ads in Ads Manager.

Impact: These ads showcase products through the shopping format and move people through the path to purchase with a familiar experience.

Search Ads 360

What: Search Ads 360 introduces auction-time bidding for Google Search Campaigns

Details: Google Search Ads 360 has added auction-time bidding for bids on Google Search which effectively brings the Smart Bidding options present within Google Ads to your Google Search Campaigns.

Impact: Currently, a Search Ads 360 bid analyzes campaign performance approximately every 6 hours. Auction-time bidding analyzes account history and other important audience signals to predict when a conversion is likely to occur from an ad click. Essentially, the dynamic response of the automated strategy has been upgraded from often to immediate.


What: Quora Gets More Visual

Details: Quora has introduced full-width image ads.

Impact: The updated format gives more prominence and real estate to the ad creative. The expectation is for higher engagement thanks to more captivating creative.

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