Friday is your last chance to lend your voice and help establish benchmarks and trends for the paid social advertising industry.

Early reporting shows that Quora and Instagram are the favorites as the Rising Stars in social platforms, with Quora inching ahead by barely 1% of the submissions.

Other questions you’ll find in the Survey include what what social platforms you or your clients are investing in, what ad formats are most effective for you on different social platforms, and how much of your budget you plan to dedicate to social advertising in the next 12 months.

The data results are not only pulled together into a comprehensive report (that you can get ahead of time!), but also used to segment into specific verticals that we’ll later turn into reports and infographics for the industry.

The whole Survey takes 2 minutes to complete. 

Your participation fuels industry knowledge and helps us make resources that are super valuable for you and your clients. Please take and share with your colleagues and clients.

We are looking for marketers at both agencies and brands to take the Survey. In return, we’ll send you the report before we release it to the public (and absolutely promise to not use your email address for anything other than sending you the report). The Survey ends Friday, May 17th

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