Recently, Google AdWords announced that they have expanded their placement targeting to include RSS feeds for blogs that have opted into the AdSense network. Today,  I thought we’d cover how you can find this new information within your AdWords account.

First, why would you specifically target RSS (really simple syndication) feeds for blogs? RSS feed placements allow you to connect with a tech savvy audience through AdWords’ ever expanding network of publishers like Blogspot, Digg, Reuters, and more. These users are very web-friendly and their online activity may be more extensive than your casual browser.

How do you find these RSS feeds within your AdWords account? First step, access the Placement Tool within your chosen ad group. Choose the topic that is best associated with your service/product. Here is a quick screen shot of the tool:

Once you have sorted through the categories you will find a series of websites where you can target your advertisements. The first batch of results will be the usual site placements. However, if you scroll down further you will find, “Feed Placements.” These are the RSS feeds that are available for targeting. Here is a screen shot:

As you can see, there are a series of blog RSS feeds that are available. However, there are other new placement targeting options that Google AdWords did not mention in their announcement.

Looking for greater reach with your mobile PPC efforts? You can specifically target mobile sites with your PPC ads:

And you can specifically target sites that highlight video content as well. Sites such as these may be available for your placement targeting:

The inventory for these categories isn’t extensive just yet, but as you can see, the Google network keeps expanding. Some of these new distribution avenues may not be right for your client/product/service. But if you’re looking for additional sources of traffic, and possible conversions and revenue, it’s worth researching and testing!