After receiving dozens of responses, we have a winner for Name That Query!

How do I ace my interview for hay bailing? Do I write a resume, or do I buy a suit?

Congratulations to Gil Hong for his winning submission!

While many people got hay bailing in their guesses, and a smaller percentage included the word “resumé,” Gil was the only one to use all three of those keywords.

The original query that inspired the whole game was:

I am try to put on a resume that I baled hay by hand how would I say that professionally?

We had a lot of fun with the contest, and although not everyone can be an official winner, we’re all winners for having played.  Some of our favorite non-winning responses are listed below for posterity’s sake.

  • How long can I focus on work before I dream of hay bailers and how much I truely love merica?
  •  How do I get a job if I am a redneck farmer and I don’t have a suit or resume?
  • How to trim your hillbilly redneck mullet with a tractor to prepare your resume, tie, and suit for the interview
  •  How do I with my sweet mullet get a contract loan for a mini baler and become a business man
  •  I like hay and I want to know how I turn hay straw into business suits that don’t give wedgies
  •  Do I have to wear a suit to read a lawnmower manual?
  •  How can I get a professional job when I’ve always been working on a farm and I have terrible taste in hair?
  •  Where are my pants?

We had a ball with Name That Query here at PPC Hero, but how was it for you?  Is there a fan favorite amongst the non-winners?