Last week, we posted a survey asking you for your feedback on AdWords bidding options. We asked our readers what bidding options they currently use in AdWords and which one they find the most beneficial. Over 100 people responded to our survey! Check out the results below.

AdWords Bidding OptionsThe majority of people are using manual bidding for clicks in their accounts. Less people overall are using any automatic bidding options in Google and only 11.8% use CPM bidding in Display campaigns. When asked which bidding option was the most successful, Manual bidding was again the winner.

AdWords Bidding OptionWe also got some great comments about bidding options which you can check out here. I’ve personally tested all of the bidding options in my accounts except for CPM bidding as none of my clients are focused on branding. What I’ve found is that different options work better in different situations, but I still prefer manual bidding most of the time. I guess I’m just not comfortable yet giving all the control over to Google.

Tomorrow I’m going to share my experiences with these bidding options and which ones succeeded/failed in different accounts and campaigns so be sure to check back! Thanks to everyone who participated and feel free to leave more comments about AdWords bidding strategies below.