People go to Pinterest to discover new places to travel and to help map out their vacations – from choosing their dream destination to figuring out what kinds of things they should be bringing with them. It’s a great place for useful and personalized ideas AND according to Pinterest, 69% of Travel Pinners use Pinterest to discover travel services when deciding to book. So there are a lot of great reasons why travel businesses should be running Pinterest ads, but here are our top 4:

Why Pinterest is Worth Your Investment

Brand Awareness

Being such a visual platform, Pinterest is perfect for travel marketers looking to beef up their brand awareness. As of 2016, Pinterest is used by nearly 1/3 of adult users. It has rightfully earned a seat at the social media marketing table and you should be ready to make the most of this growing platform. Learn more about crafting a Pinterest Strategy with this whitepaper.

Full Funnel Platform

Pinterest makes it possible for travel marketers to target upper and lower funnel audiences. For your cold, upper funnel, you can use act-alike audiences to get in front of newer audiences. For the warmer prospects, you can target cart abandoners, website visitors, and utilize interest targeting.


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Remarketing For Apps

We found that especially for the travel industry, building a robust remarketing strategy for your app downloads can make a huge difference in hitting key KPIs. Because it’s so visual and so memorable, Pinterest is a fantastic option to include in your remarketing mix. Similar to website remarketing, app-focused efforts can offer hyper-targeted methods of reaching audiences in different stages of a sales cycle.

Learn more in this whitepaper on boosting app engagement with remarketing, written by our Associate Director of Service, Kelly Pollock.

Engaging Video Ads

Video is becoming more prevalent these days, and with good reason! It’s eye-catching and users tend to spend longer looking at them than a still image. Pinterest offering video ads as an option is a no-brainer for us with our clients. Whether your goal is branding or clicks, Pinterest video ads can help you hit that goal.

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