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We’re excited to bring you two legends of the PPC world, Brad Geddes and Frederick Vallaeys, at Hero Conf Austin,
April 16-18.


The purpose of marketing is to connect with potential customers and persuade them to do business with you. To achieve these goals, you need to identify your market, create an emotional or intellectual bond, and convince people your are their solution. Over the years, marketing has become more personal and will continue to get more personal, yet most PPC practitioners are being left behind in the myriad of options and targeting possibilities. Using all these PPC tools at your disposal, attendees will learn how to create personalized marketing messages that resonate with your customers.



Now that Artificial Intelligence has started to outperform humans at several types of tasks, agencies need to answer some new but critical questions to ensure their continued success. With machine learning and automation expected to continue to improve at a rapid pace, what can PPC managers do to remain valuable parts of the
online advertising ecosystem?

Learn more about what AI means to the world of PPC. First, we’ll cut through the media buzz and cover what we should really expect from AI. Then, we’ll cover several opportunities for taking your PPC business to the next level by leveraging AI, ML and automation.


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