On Demand Webinar Understanding the Ins and Outs of Programmatic for PPC

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Programmatic advertising is a hot topic in the world of PPC, but is probably the most often misunderstood strategy. It can appear to be a scary beast that many marketers worry about taking on, but the opportunities (and success) it can offer your overall marketing plan is worth it.

In this webinar recording, Founder and CEO of MightyHive Pete Kim will join Hanapin Account Manager Bryan Gaynor to tell you all about the importance of implementing programmatic advertising into your PPC strategy. From day-to-day operations to explaining its importance to your CMO, we’ll give you expert insights on the world of programmatic.

You’ll get expert programmatic tips like:

  • Potential advantages and barriers to programmatic implementation
  • How to show your C-suite why programmatic is crucial to success
  • Ways to optimize using the GDN with programmatic

Presented By

Bryan Gaynor

Bryan Gaynor

Account Manager, Hanapin Marketing


Pete Kim

Pete Kim

Founder and CEO, MightyHive


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