Staying on top of your account and campaign performance is vital to meeting your advertising goals. How do you find big takeaways in your account that you bring to your client and reporting each week? Recently Bing Ads has made enhancements to inline download and the Overview tab, that have now rolled out globally. Researching and receiving this information just got a little bit easier and will hopefully be a helpful first step for your account management and reporting.

The 3 S’s of Inline Downloaded Reports

While you can already download reports from many of the grids on the Account Summary and Campaigns page, you’ll now have the ability to simultaneously save, schedule, and share them, all in one place.

  • Click the Download button placed above the grids and view new Download report options that’ll allow you to:
    • Save the report
    • Schedule it to run
    • Share the scheduled reports with other users via email

You can also view and download the scheduled and saved custom reports from grids in both your Campaigns page and Account Summary page, using Saved Campaign Reports and Saved Account Reports.

As an example, let’s say you need to look at the performance of ten of your most influential campaigns every Wednesday and make adjustments to maximize conversions. Instead of adding a reminder to go to Bing Ads every Wednesday, filtering the ten campaigns you need to analyze, setting the desired time range, selecting the metrics you need, and then finally downloading the data each week, you can now just schedule the report. And every Wednesday, when the report is ready you will receive an email and all you need to do is click on the link to download the report with all the filters and metrics you have previously selected.

It’s All About The Overview Tab

The Overview tab lets you quickly scan visuals that give you an insight into how your campaigns are doing.

Through customizable tiles and a dashboard experience, the Overview tab makes it painless to find out what is working and what isn’t so that you can optimize your campaigns to meet your goals.

Bing Ads has introduced several new tiles as well as made updates to existing ones.

For example the Top Changes tile identifies the campaigns and ad groups responsible for the biggest increases and decreases to your performance metrics during a specified period. You can choose to see your top campaign improvements, any large drops in performance, or a combination of both. This could be useful if you are summarizing the last 7 days of data on a weekly report or answering quick questions about top level account performance.

With the Keywords tile, you will be able to monitor performance of your top keywords across your campaigns for a selected metric. This would be great to point out on a call about what terms are bringing in the largest volume.

You can use the What people searched tile to get a glance into the queries potential customers are searching for to trigger your ads. Based on this data you can decide if you’d like to add these search terms as keywords or negative keywords, which can be implemented right from the tile.

In addition, Bing Ads has updated the visualization of the Devices tile making it easier to compare your performance across all devices: computer, tablet, and smartphone; as well as added support for date range comparisons.

The Overview tab is a great place to start your week or day because it is filled with visualizations and insights that tell a story of how your account is performing. When you log in, it will be the first page you land on, allowing you to have a quick audit before completing a deep dive into your account. Bing Ads will continue to add more tiles to the Overview tab with the goal of giving advertisers insight and scope into campaign performance at a quick glance.