Vote PPC Hero/Hanapin Marketing into SXSW!

By Kayla Kurtz | @one800kayla | Senior Digital Advisor at Hanapin Marketing |

Pick Me!

PPC Hero and Hanapin Marketing are reaching out to their loyal readership for a favor of epic proportions. Well…epic in that it could mean the difference between a huge opportunity to speak in front of thousands!

I have been asked to be a part of an all-star group of speakers for a PPC-geared panel on how to strategize paid search with a range of budgets. Even more exciting is the venue: SXSW in Austin! Scratch that. The most exciting part is that you can help us get there! A portion of the selection process is based on public votes, so we need you to flex those voting muscles and show how much support PPC Hero has in the paid search community.

Before I give you the directions on how to cast your vote, here’s who else would be on the panel with me:

Alright now for the good stuff…the voting! It’s a quick process, we promise. Just go to the SXSW PanelPicker site, create a login, search for “Turning Clicks to Cash” and cast your vote! If you love us and the proposed topic enough, spread the word to your social networks, too. Public votes count for 30% of the total score to get us selected so you really can help make this happen!

Last thing: voting is only open until August 31st…so vote today and spread the word starting now!!! In advance, the panel and PPC Hero want to thank you for your support!

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