Wanna Write an Article for PPC Hero? We're Looking for Great Guest Articles!

By Joseph Kerschbaum | @@JoeKerschbaum

If you have some great PPC management insight and would like to share it with the world, here is your chance! PPC Hero is looking for some great guest articles!

We are looking for articles that explore PPC management and strategy (not necessarily industry news or updates). We are open to a wide range of topics within this scope of interest. And, of course, each article will be subject to our editorial process.

Surprise us! We love to see new strategies that we haven’t heard of yet. Wow us! We love to see a deeper insight or a new perspective on a strategy that is commonly used. You can tackle keywords, ad texts, landing pages, bidding strategy, behavioral targeting, content network, campaign structure, etc. – the field is wide open!

And if you write an article for PPC Hero, you can place this super cool badge on your site/blog!

Are you excited!? We hope so! Ready to get started? We hope so! Just drop us a line with your article. We currently don’t have a word minimum or limit – just make it quality content! The deadline for article submissions is Friday, January 30th!

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