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On Demand Webinar: 11 Red Flags To Watch Out For When Working With An Agency

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Working with an agency can be a scary thing. It’s not always easy to know if the business relationship is working in a favorable manner. Transparency and good communication are virtues in any relationship, but especially for a relationship with an agency. When you work with an agency, there are certain things you should keep an eye on.

In this webinar recording, Hanapin’s Senior Digital Advisor of Sales Operations Kayla Kurtz, and Sales Executive Danny Friscia discusses how to evaluate whether your agency is throwing out any “red flags.”

You’ll get expert tips like:

  • Why you should always expect 100% of transparency from your agency & how to know when you’re not getting it
  • How not using ad copy testing could cost you a lot of money
  • Why your agency should be proactive, not reactive

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Kayla Kurtz

Senior Digital Advisor, Sales Operations



Danny Friscia

Sales Executive


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