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Webinar: 5 Reasons You Need To Use Bing Advertising in 2015

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For the past few years, Bing has been making quite the impact on the competitive landscape for search engine marketing, comprising 29% of the search marketplace. 2014 alone saw many newly added features, like the accounts summary feature and Universal Event Tracking, that has increased the usability and value for digital marketers.

In the webinar recording, Bing Ads Evangelist John Gagnon and Senior Account Manager and #PPCChat founder Matt Umbro, join forces and give you 5 reasons why you need to be using Bing Ads in 2015. Along with tools and tips to boost your performance in Bing, they also discuss the features you didn’t know Bing had (and get a glimpse at what the future might hold for advertisers!).

You’ll get expert-level PPC tips like:

  • How to use universal tracking to boost your performance in Bing
  • Bing specific optimizations and new tools
  • Utilizing the Bing Ads Competitive Intelligence Tool

Presented By

John Gagnon

John Gagnon

Bing Ads Evangelist

Bing Ads

Matt Umbro

Matt Umbro

Senior Account Manager


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