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Webinar: 9 Things You Need to Know About PPC Analytics

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Running effective PPC campaigns can be competitive and expensive (really expensive if you’re not careful!). As a digital marketer, its important for you to run efficient and successful campaigns that create maximum value for your clicks. Are you measuring your campaigns? Better yet, are you effectively measuring your campaigns?

In this webinar recording, Searchforce’s, Miles Olson, and Hanapin’s, Rachael Law, discuss 9 things you need to know about using PPC analytics to effectively measure your campaigns, be more competitive, and boost your ROI.

You’ll get expert-level PPC tips like:

  • How to track online ecommerce revenue generated from PPC
  • Why GA remarketing is useful and how it differs from AdWords audience lists
  • Using conversion paths and attribution modeling to boost your overall conversions

Presented By

Miles Oslon

Miles Olson

VP of Customer Engagement


Rachael Law

Rachael Law

Account Manager


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