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Webinar: Keeping Your Sanity with PPC Reporting: Hacks For Structure and Analysis

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PPC reporting is a great opportunity to show the fruits of your labor and how they are effecting the overall marketing strategy for your company. However, pulling PPC reports also makes some of us want to pull our hair out sometimes! How do you make valuable and easy-to-read reports? What kind of reports should you be pulling? And what’s the best way to tell your PPC story with your data?

In this webinar recording, Hanapin and NinjaCat experts discuss how to structure your reports for clarity, interesting reports you can pull, and ultimately, help you pull valuable data while also keeping your sanity.

You’ll get expert-level PPC reporting tips like:

  • How to structure your reports by platform, network, marketing or conversion type
  • Interesting reports you can pull to obtain different perspectives and new insights
  • When to look at your data YoY or MoM

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Robin Driver

Robin Driver

Customer Success Manager


Alka Du Mont

Alka Du Mont

Account Manager


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