Why Go?

100% Original Content
100% Relevant Content
100% PPC Content

For the digital marketer, we hopes it’s abundantly clear that the goal of Hero Conf is to make your job easier. And by ensuring that our speakers are presenting only the newest, most innovative and most actionable content, we hope we’re setting new standards for what you should expect at a conference.

We think the results speak for themselves:

94% of Philadelphia attendees say they plan to return

Not bad, if we do say so ourselves.

Here are some major points that we think set Hero Conf apart:

  • A low speaker-to-attendee ratio means you can get your questions answered.
  • Focused, advanced-level content means no clutter and advice you can use right away
  • Extended networking hours means event more time to build your PPC network
  • High-level strategy keynotes, alongside deep, “in-the-trenches” panels means you get a ‘best of both worlds’ perspective

Need more? Here’s are some significant points of pride for the Hero Conf team:

The Networking
We don’t just provide a forum to rub elbows with big brands and expert speakers in PPC, we also provide a fun environment to do it in! Our conference includes unique snack breaks and after hours entertainment where you can laugh and learn from your peers in the best way possible.

The Content
We pride ourselves on giving you the best learning experience possible. Each session provides new, exciting, unique and actionable tips that you can take back to your job and implement- every year, every event, every session. Your feedback makes it certain that we’re continually improving, creating better and better content every single year.

The Staff
Events are programmed and staffed by Hanapin team members, so we have a real commitment to the PPC community and the happiness of our attendees. We’ll help with any need on-site, but hope we’ve thought of it all before-hand so you can spend your time focused on what’s important: the content.

The Extras
Hero Conf is just simply different, in a really good way. It’s our goal to be a one-of-a-kind event with experiences you won’t find at typical industry happenings. Come find out how Hero Conf London will break the mold and learn why we think we’ve got the best event in the industry.

Nearly 75% of our seats are sold and the rest won’t last long. Act now to ensure your seat at London’s Only All-PPC Event.