While it may be more obvious to us here in Bloomington, Indiana than to a lot of the world, March Madness is ramping up.  Conference tournaments next week, the committee meets and breaks the hearts of/delights a handful of teams next Sunday, and then the real fun begins.

In what has become a tradition rivaling that of the NCAA’s main source of income, PPC Hero’s Third Annual Search Marketing Madness is set to begin next week.  We’ve changed the format a bit so that it’s all PPC, all the time.  Fathom Online will need to step up to defend their 2012 Title (Fathom is in the field despite their previous SEO Blog designation – they also have PPC content on top of their SEO content, not to mention a title to defend). Instead of four regions of blogs, we’re now changing to four regions of PPC-related goodness:

  • PPC Software
  • PPC Managers
  • PPC/SEM Conferences
  • PPC Blog

The winner of each region will make it to the final four of PPC where man will meet machine (manager vs. software) and conferences will battle blogs for the best source of education.  It’s going to be a nail biter.  And we’re still waiting word back from Gus Johnson‘s people about whether or not he’ll be willing to type up the final results for us to really amp up the excitement.

Before the committee meets this weekend, WE NEED YOUR HELP.  Please take a moment to write-in people/blogs/software/conferences that you think should be included in this year’s tournament.  We already have a list of players that have earned their way in, but you can help make sure that your favorite PPC entity makes the field.

Please nominate your favorite in each of the fields!  The tourney starts next week, so get excited.

***Voting is now closed.***