WTQ?! Whacky Weddings Edition

By Amanda West-Bookwalter | @Amanda_WestBook | Senior Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing

Weddings are weird. They’re the ultimate expression of a couple’s love for each other, and sometimes that love is just weird. Everyone wants to showcase whatever weird thing they share as a couple, and they want their wedding to be a unique snowflake. There are tons of these weddings happening this month, so we’ve got some pretty specific wedding themes in our queries in this month’s WTQ?!. They’re just so weird!

10. crawfish bride and groom figurines – Wedding Boutique

9. are their men that do colonic irrigation in the denver metro area – Internal Health Supplements

8. epic website templates – Website Builder

7. will masterbating cause my prostate to bleed – Men’s Health Supplements

6. weight lifting wedding cake toppers – Wedding Boutique

5. screw my wife please – Adult Novelties

4. wedding garter set atlanta falcons football themed – Wedding Boutique

3. aboutmen ca health areas prostate penis testicles penis health sexual health erectile dysfunction – Men’s Health Supplements

2. skin whitening intestine cleansing reduce cholesterol and body slimming – Internal Health Supplements

1. my husband got great pleasure when he beat me with his belt – Adult Novelties

What weird search queries have you found this month that made you go WTQ?!

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