Last week I wrote on Yahoo!’s new tool called the Tune-Up tool. Just to re-cap, the tune-up tool performs a one-time analysis of a non-optimized campaign. Based on the results, it proposes optimal bids and match types for the campaign’s sponsored search keywords, as well as a suggested campaign daily spend limit. I said I would follow up on the performance suggestions the tool recommended.

My metric was to generate more clicks. I gave them $100/month to work with, currently we’re spending about $50 per month on this particular campaign. They recommended I spend about $13/day, which equals about $390 per month. That would be an increase in $390 per month which is out of my budget first off. Below are performance graphs that show the current results and the proposed results after accepting the tune-up recommendations.


If I were to accept their recommendations my impressions would drop by 88%, my clicks would drop 87% and my click-through rate would only increase .15%. Of course my cost would drop 96% (even though they recommended a budget of $13/day) and my cost-per-click they’re saying would drop from $0.41 to $0.10. None of this makes any sense!

I find it pretty elementary that Yahoo! would only allow impressions and clicks as the two metrics you can choose to increase. What about conversions and/or revenue? I give Yahoo! props for trying to help people one campaign at a time, but I feel it’s more of a trick to get their advertisers to spend more money by achieving more clicks, whether quality clicks or not, and not to actually help advertiser campaigns. I’m calling for anyone else out there who has used this tool and found it useful, or just as un-useful as I have?