In a recent email from MSN,  new features that have been requested by users to help improve the way advertisers manage their campaigns, pay their bills and more, have finally been added.

The first enhancement in MSN is the ability to manage your credit cards and pay bills more efficiently. Outside of your regular monthly billing schedule, you can now pay on demand with the new ‘pay now’ button located in the billing section of your MSN account. Simply go to the “Accounts” tab and into “Billing”, then billing and click the ‘pay now’ button to pay your current balance.

Have multiple credit cards in your account? Well it’s no problem now to organize, add or delete a credit card. Just go to the accounts and billing section, then payment methods to add, delete or better organize your credit cards on file.

The second set of updates MSN recently added is a better keyword research tool built into the interface.  By going to the ‘research’ tab at the top of the page, you can perform research by keyword, or by website by adding the url of a page, in which then you will get a list of keywords that are relevant to that page.  The greatest part of this is that after you’ve done your keyword research, you can view the number of times the keyword has been search by others before adding them to your ad groups. You can also get information such as estimated click through rate and average cost per click.

Once you’ve completed all of your keyword research and know which keywords you wish to add, you can easily export your list into an Excel or CSN file, then add them to your keyword collection, or include them in your ad groups. What’s even cooler is that you can pick and choose which keywords you want out of your list and only add the ones you want to your ad group by clicking the check box next to the corresponding keyword. Sound familiar???

The third enhancement is in the reporting section.  You can now refresh your recent reports and get up to date data rather than setting up and running a brand new report. Or, if you like a recent report but need to make modifications, you can now create a new report like an existing one, but now you’re able to make modifications which saves you time from having to again set up and run a brand new report.

If companies are smart, they’ll listen to what their actual users are saying about their product and requesting as updates. Luckily, that’s one thing MSN has on their side – a good ear! Typically when I speak with a representative from any of the three major search engines, they do tell me to request features through and give feedback, because that will prioritize what needs to be updated next.

Be sure to check out the latest MSN newsletter to get more detailed information on these new features.