My obsession with the Google AdWords Content Network continues! Actually, developments keep popping up about the Content Network and I like to keep you informed. Recently Google announced a change to the content network reporting: now you can view Google subdomain properties within your placement performance report.

As you know, any additional level of granularity in regards to performance visibility is a welcome change! This means Gmail will appear as, Google Books will appear as, Google Finance will appear as (the list goes on and on) and if your ads appear within any of these subdomains, they’ll be listed in your placement performance report. You’ll be able to manage your individual site bids for these Google properties. Therefore, enhancing your overall performance on the Content Network.

If you want to know what Google properties are out there, check out a list of popular Google sub domains.

The Google Content Network can be a beast to conquer but we’ll master this unruly monster together. Here is a quick list of what we’ve been discussing recently to help you optimize your Content Network performance:

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Now, get out there and start optimizing!