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PPC News Roundup for 4/16/2010

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Google announced yesterday that the iPad is now listed as a mobile device that you can target specifically. To target the iPad search under Campaign Settings, Networks and Devices, and then Target only selected mobile devices. The post also points out that if your campaigns are set for desktop and laptops only, your ads will not show on the iPad.…
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PPC News Roundup for 4/9/2010

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You just got assigned to manage a PPC account, now what? Josh Dreller provides great suggestions on how to approach the research process when you’re building your PPC accounts. This is a good read even if you’re a PPC veteran looking to expand your accounts. Though this may leave you with more questions than answers it’s worth a mention. Apple…
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PPC News Roundup for 3/26/2010

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The biggest news in search this week came out of Google with the launch of “Retargeting” on the Content Network. You can now target users who did not result in a conversion on a website. It is all based on user intent. The folks over at Search Engine Land got the inside scoop from their reps, check out what they…
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PPC News Roundup for 3/19/2010

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Getting searchers to click on your ad is really only half the battle, because you don’t want to lose them as soon as they reach your landing page. This post from Search Engine Land shows how you can use Google Analytics bounce rate metrics to help identify the landing pages that are associated with your keywords, and optimize them. As…
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PPC News Roundup for 3/12/2010

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Do you pause keywords solely due to low conversion rates? In his  post, Valuing Keywords Based On Their Role Search Engine Land’s Adam Goldberg challenges us to analyze keywords in a different way using an attribution model. You may discover that you need to  start unpausing some of your keywords. It’s important to pay attention to click-through rate in your…
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