• Adrian

    Brilliant post

  • Roland Hu

    Hi Andrew… just came across your series. Great job!

    I did have a question though – what if you are trying to execute a campaign that is only a few days (i.e., a retail store that is offering a Memorial Day Sale). How does this template apply then?

    • http://www.whitesharkmedia.com/ Andrew Lolk

      Hi Roland,

      If you’re only using AdWords to promote a short-term sale (or creating a dedicated campaign for it) I would do two things:

      1) Start out with strong bidding that reflect that you’re in it to win it. Focus on building your ROI while doing very little “experimenting”. You can test, but don’t stray too far away from known best practices to avoid wasting all your short time testing.

      2) Shorten the time frame down a lot. My list above is meant for advertisers who are starting their campaigns rather slowly. You don’t have that luxury. You need to be working with negative keywords on a daily basis (as soon as you get over the data time delay) and make sure you’re not falling behind.

      With normal accounts you can afford to wait a week or two without losing too much money (unless you’re running in highly competitive niches). but with a short-term sale you can’t really wait a full week. The sale might be over by that time.

      Bonus: 3) If you already have campaigns that you’re using on a daily basis, but are just creating a new campaign for the specific sale, then use all the elements that are successful in your current campaign. Don’t reinvent the wheel, but go with what is working for you already.

      Feel free to ask some follow up questions if you want to go into specifics :)

      Take care,

  • Ben Shum

    Hi Andrew,

    This is a great article. I have a campaign which is doing fairly well. It had a few conversions last week, but none this week and costs are going up for a few keywords. Do you have any tips on how to optimize in this situation?

  • Ben Shum

    Thanks a lot for your help! I will definitely let you know how it goes.

  • Rachel Jean-Pierre

    Thank you so much for this serie “en trois temps” (serie of three)!
    I was just wondering, I received a new account opened end of May (2 months and a half), budget of about 10k a month & very little modifications were made. I think that’s what you would call an account managed by a “ghost”. Do I start at day one and go through all the steps or start at day 28?

    • http://www.whitesharkmedia.com/ Andrew Lolk

      Hi Rachel,

      I’m glad you like it!

      I would start from scratch again. You will be able to rush through some of the tasks, but overall you should go through each task anyways.

      PS. You can get all the tips from the series in this infographic we created :)


    • http://www.whitesharkmedia.com/ Andrew Lolk

      Hi Rachel,

      I’m glad you liked the series :)

      I would recommend that you go through each of the steps. Some of them you might be able to brush over fast, but I’d still go through each step if I was you.

      PS. We created an infographic that lists all the steps in an easy to comprehend version. Less explanations, but it gives you a better overview:


  • Taz

    I’m in a position where i’ve had a few conversions at the beginning but it’s not converting anymore and it’s becoming really expensive, the cpc is low in this niche, I’ve got really high ctr and quality score but it’s not coming together at all, negative keywords in place, The campaign is about 7 days old, could you give me any advice?

    • http://www.whitesharkmedia.com/ Andrew Lolk

      Hey Taz,

      Sorry about the late reply. If the costs are high after 7 days and you have low CPCs I would look into whether your keywords are relevant for your service.

      7 days isn’t a long time, but if nothing has happened and you’ve had a lot of clicks, then it might be worth while to look at your keywords. They might be too broad for your products.