“What the Query?!” – A Wayne’s World Tribute

So we’ve been writing these WTQ posts for a few months now, and while it is funny to wonder what the heck people might have been thinking when typing them in…I have to admit, I can relate to these quirky people who query things that make you say “Ex-squeeze me? Baking powder?

But I think that if we were all honest with ourselves, we’d be able to admit that we’re all just a little strange. I’m a firm believer that there is no such thing as normal because we’re all different! So, in honor of our quirky, hilarious, strange, and funny differences, put your hands together for our top 10 What the Queries for the month of August!

1.) Nurse curse in las vegas

2.) God hates us all

3.) I have a degree in graphic design and can not find a job what options do I have from here

4.) Call girls in mass

5.) Generic Australian pre recorded phone greeting

6.) Wood hippopotamus, abstract organic wood carvings

7.) Is mac and cheese a soup type of food

8.) Call someone with robot voice

9.) Mickey mouse phone call 2011

10.) How to publish my dad’s jokes

Stay tuned each month for our WTQ posts. They’ll make you laugh, they’ll make you cry, they’ll make you say “What the Query?!”

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