One thing is certain about digital marketing: it is ever-changing and it’s constantly putting us on new quests to find effective and innovative solutions. This is exactly why we are so passionate about this industry! 

Eight years of practice have helped us perfect the ideal conference formula to find the balance between learning and unwinding. From January 31st to February 1st, we’ll be putting it all in motion again! We are taking the challenge and narrowing the most pressing key solutions in 40 actionable sessions led by 44 industry experts, to make sure you walk away with everything you need to see the results you want in 2022. 

Here are some of the key session takeaways that you’ll get at Hero Conf. Austin 2022:

1.) Expand your brand’s online presence during today’s E-commerce Boom and learn how you can get started with self-serve platforms like Walmart and Instacart or sell-side platforms like Criteo.

2.) Maximize Video Ads Conversion and make sure you are making the most out of every tool Youtube offers.

3.) Learn how to take charge of your PPC Automation with what’s new in scripts from Google and Microsoft.

4.) Master Smart Bidding using your own intel and 2021’s best techniques.

 5.) Discover New Marketing Tactics from Interviews with Top Brands like Airtable, Figma, Uber, Nextdoor, Patreon, Loom, Zapier, and more.

6.) Everything Google: Ads (B2B & B2C), Optiscore, Tag Manager, Audience segmentation. Prepare to be part of the ultimate skill-sharpening experience that will save you time and budget.

7.) Dissecting the Social Universe: LinkedIn Ads, Facebook Ads, YouTubeAds, Social Creative Efficiency, Social Commerce. Not one aspect of Paid Social will be left behind.

8.) Nurturing your Audience: We’ll have various sessions dedicated to mastering Targeting, First-party data, Attribution, and International PPC campaigns.

9.) Building Multi-Channel Strategies: You’ll learn a new approach, easy-to-implement research tactics, and the latest tools to help you determine what will work best for your campaign.

10.) Comprehending the relationship between Conversion rates and A/B testing: Our websites will be under the loop to help us make enhancing tweaks and rethink how/when/what you should be testing.

A Holiday Gift to All our Readers

We are truly grateful for each one of you who has helped keep our blog alive for over a decade! Join us in celebrating Hero Holidays by receiving a 10% off your Hero Conf Austin 2022 ticket by using the promo code HERODAYS at checkout.

See You in Austin!