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The Ultimate Guide to PPC Marketing

This in-depth guide to pay-per-click (PPC) marketing covers the complete PPC scope. From settings to remarketing, this guide is packed with actionable information.

Prioritizing Your PPC Platform Needs

The right PPC platforms can make a huge difference for agencies or in-house teams. Choose the right platform by asking the right questions of your team.

Master List of the Best Ad Tech Platforms for PPC

The ambiguity of knowing what PPC platforms are available for your marketing can be overwhelming. We want to be a valuable resource to you in every step of your PPC marketing process, so we've put together a master list featuring the best of the best...

The Long Lost Webinar Q&A

If you were on our webinar last week with NinjaCat, you may have noticed that after a fantastic presentation, the audio decided to go out. Never fear! We have the answers to your questions right here in this handy blog post. No tech issues are...