If there is one thing we know about the PPC community, it’s that collaborative time together can’t come often enough. And maybe we’re easily excited. Or maybe we just like our event a little too much. But we’re being sincere when we say that we strive to make Hero Conf as different as possible from the industry events you’re used to attending. From sessions to SWAG and networking to nightly events, we make every decision with your experience in mind.

And that’s the exact reason we pack as many chances to make worthwhile and lasting connections into one event as possible. Not only will you learn, you’ll gain valuable insights into how other successful PPC pros are making things work where they are.

But don’t take our word for it, now is the time to check out the impressive slate of networking events we’re piecing together, including:

  • The 2nd Annual Bar Takeover by Bing
  • Farm-to-table food from the Pacific Northwest, every day of the event
  • Networking breaks with local flare
  • NEW Comedy Takeover Showcase

Stay tuned for exciting announcements and incredible new events, but act now before seats are gone!