1. Make your budget as efficient as possible:

Programmatic can be time-consuming and intricate enough without having to spend hours manually adjusting every single tactic. If you are a DV360 user, I highly recommend using the budget optimization feature within the Insertion order settings. This will allow the system to automatically assign the allocated IO budgets to the top-performing tactics, based on the goals of the campaign, without the need for constant manual tweaks.

Budget Optimization

2. Automate with Machine Learning… just like search!

Machine Learning isn’t just a buzzword anymore. It is ingrained into every aspect of our digital marketing world. Just like in Search, or Social, using Machine Learning to automate some of the daily tasks, such as bidding, creative rotation, and audience analysis allows you to focus on more important strategy work to move the needle for your client. Because DV360 is a Google product, it has a lot of the same automation features as Google ads. Just be sure to have the adequate conversion data and frequency caps in place to get the most out of the bidding algorithms.

3. Bulk Edits FTW:

We have all been there. Massive builds, small chunks of time, overwhelming anxiety. For the Old School Doubleclick Bid Manager users, you likely remember the time having to upload creative 1 by 1. It was painful. Over the last couple of years, Google has begun to allow users, not using an ad-server to upload creatives, and now campaigns/tactics in bulk.

Creative Upload

Creatives can be uploaded in bulk files and URLs/Naming conventions configured by a spreadsheet template.

Campaigns, IOs, Line Items, Settings, can all also be uploaded in Bulk via SDF files. This can be found at every level of the account architecture in the top right corner of the UI Tables:

4. Planning Ahead:

In case you missed it, there is an election happening. And with elections comes a lot of ad buying. Planning ahead, reserving inventory and locking down pricing, is the best way to ensure the most efficient use of your programmatic budget this year. DV360 has a built-in Marketplace tool that will allow you to view, request and negotiate deals with premium publishers, based on a desired audience specification, all in a single view. This makes your media planning strategy less segmented and more organized.