Remember when you had to pay monthly or annually for ads on TV and radio? Completely clueless about whom you are reaching out to and what would be their potential response.

Well, that’s similar to hitting an arrow in the dark.

Fortunately, we no longer live in this era and have evolved to many transparent and advanced solutions. As a result, marketers today have clarity about whom they communicate to, what they are communicating, and its probable outcome.

Marketers agree that Google plays a significant role in this transition. The dynamic use of Google Ads has provided us with advanced marketing capabilities.

So, here we are to keep you updated with Google Ads, one of the most trending and recent Google ads updates:

1. Google Ads Editor v1.8: Automatically Apply Recommendations, Review Performance Insights, and More

Announced Date: November 10, 2021

This latest editor has an option to auto-apply campaign recommendations where you have the choice to either opt-in or out of this feature. Besides, the overview page in Google Ads Editor allows you to preview account performance and actionable insights.

Google Ads Editor is an intelligent platform that allows you to be more productive and efficient while managing your campaigns. In addition, it gives you the power to alter campaigns based on your existing position and where you want to reach.

For instance, an eCommerce startup wanted to tap an audience in a specific region but was clueless about what messages would communicate their services the best.

They shared different messages based on keyword searches. The Google Ads Editor offered a real-time summary of messages, performance, and related insights on the Overview page.

2. Smart Bidding: The Smart Sales Platform to Accelerate Online and In-Store Sales

Announcement Date: November 4, 2021

This Google feature allows you to track micro-moments of your customer behavior. If users are interested in an in-store visit, then the tool will track this automatically. This will eventually boost in-store sales.

Google is the best solution to make decisions not only for online purchases but also to search places. For instance, the search for an opening near me has widened four times in less than a year.

This tool can track real-time changes in customer behavior as to whether they are keen to purchase online or from a physical store location. As a result, entrepreneurs can use this platform for dual perks: optimize in-store visits and eCommerce sales.

Entrepreneurs and retail eCommerce advertisers use Smart bidding for store sales to enhance bids for in-store visits and transactions. For instance, advertisers can upload transaction data of your brand in a privacy-safe way.

This way, you can augment store sales conversions for shopping and search campaigns. 

3. New Ways to Optimize and Manage Conversions

Announcement Date: November 01, 2021

If your business objective is to set and generate conversion goals, this feature serves the purpose. Google has the power to optimize your campaign based on your needs. This feature allows you to align your campaign as per your conversion goals.

Budding marketers miss out that conversion measurement acts as a sturdy base for campaign optimization and enhancing the marketing value. Advanced smart-bidding tools with high-quality signals can guide you to better performances.

Google Ads offers you a variety of new features to manage conversions conveniently and improve performance.

This new update is a modern approach towards objectives, optimizes them at the campaign level, and attains conversion goals effectively. With each campaign, you can assign Google Ads a specific goal and optimize for the same. Professionals can also offer tips on different ways to improve the complete measurement setup.

For instance, an online apparel brand sets sales as its default goal to optimize its campaigns and results. In this sales goal, the company defines a completed cycle as their conversion action and bidding. These controls provide them the leverage to prioritize goals and open new bidding opportunities.

With these new preset actions, the company can visualize its journey towards conversion goals and notice its effect in the coming few weeks.

Tag Assistant: The Tag assistant support tool can guide you and confirm whether your conversion tags are working as planned. This diagnosis can notify you of inactive tags, unverified conversion actions, and other pending conversions. This support will provide you with real-time updates on conversion actions and measure them effectively.

Conversion Value: You may have noticed an unpredictable shift in conversion value while optimizing your campaigns. It is tricky to understand such modifications as there are several reasons, such as errors in conversion tags, changes in conversion value delay, problems with transaction-specific conversion values, and others.

The updated version and Smart Bidding tool help you understand these changes, maximize conversion value, optimize search campaigns and pages.

You are now a single click away from the reason for any change in the conversion value. This means you now have more time to concentrate on eliminating performance issues.

4. Display Campaigns Made Easier

Announcement Date: October 24, 2021

The introduction of flexibility in standard Display campaigns through Google Ads. Also, the automation of Smart Display campaigns into a single Display campaign can amplify the reach and performance that you have used so far. The level of your automation can determine the creatives, bidding, and your audience reach.

The advanced version of your Google Ads account will showcase a tab for campaign construction experience. This tab will provide you with step-by-step assistance for each part of your campaign.

The setup process offers you two choices- control up front and automation, where you will have the leverage to alter your automation preferences at any given point without creating a separate campaign.

The campaign type option will be visible to you for some time, but you can avail the new controls and features by selecting the Standard display campaign in Google Ads. Once the update is entirely effective, you will only see a single option of the Display campaign.

5. Easy-to-Understand Campaigns with Latest Budget Reports

Announcement Date: September 30, 2021

This advanced budget report feature allows you to keep a constant check on campaign spend behavior. This report highlights the average daily budget, sets spend limits and helps you understand your budget goals. With this report and budget, you can determine campaign performance.

Budgets are an integral part of marketing strategies, but many marketers find it tricky to evaluate budget behavior in Google Ads, especially for daily budgets. To solve this issue, Google Ads launched a new budget report that highlights monthly campaign spend behavior.

This report records the average daily budget of previous months and its impact on your performance and spending limits along with the potential expenses of the month.

What does this new budget reporting tool highlight?

  • Daily expense (This can be twice your average daily budget on days when your ad earns a click or conversion.)
  • Monthly spending limit (You will be charged for the average daily budget and specific days of the month.)
  • Monthly spend forecast (Highlights cost to date and any alterations in the campaign.)

With these Google Ad updates, you are likely to stay ahead of the curve!

Closing thoughts

As a Google ads expert, the above updates can be helpful for your ongoing campaign optimization. These updates are additional features that Google releases frequently. We highly recommend going through it and applying it with the relevance of your campaigns.