5 Reasons Why I (we) Blog

We’ve been tagged by PPC Blog. Instead of having John, Amber and myself post 5 reasons why we each blog I thought I’d write 5 reasons why we blog as a collective:

  1. We saw an opportunity to dig into the nitty-gritty details and stats of PPC management. There is a plethora of blogs that post news or updates about PPC management, but not many blogs discuss actual results of testing or performance of said news items.
  2. Synthesizing your thoughts and composing them into a comprehensible narrative allows you to digest the knowledge you may taken for granted. The core of our business is PPC management and we realized that the practices we employ on a daily basis aren’t widely known (or at least they are not widely discussed), and this kind of information would be helpful to other SEM professionals (and novices).
  3. We wanted a document, aside from your standard training information, for new employees to review. More-than-likely we would be writing up a lot of this information for internal use; might as well share it with the world and make everyone a little smarter (including ourselves!).
  4. Around the office we read A LOT of blogs and we wanted to have our own voice as well as contribute to the community and industry.
  5. To be honest, we all have a passion for PPC, and SEM in general, and it only made sense to have a blog so that we can all write on a topic where our true interest lies (we’re all writers inherently anyway).

I would tag someone but looking through the blogs I think EVERYONE has been tagged. So I guess that means we’re it? I always lose at this game!

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