A 9 Step Guide To Lower Your Cost Per Lead

By Amanda West-Bookwalter | @Amanda_WestBook | Senior Account Manager at Hanapin Marketing

A lot of the clients here at Hanapin have lead generation websites, so cost per lead is often a key performance indicator for our accounts. This week’s PPC expert, Abby Woodcock, gives you a 9 step guide to lower your cost per lead. If you’re starting to get over your cost per lead goals or just need more wiggle room for testing, just follow Abby’s guide!

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If you’d like more information on the steps Abby has laid out for you, check out these additional resources:

Step 1: Ad Review

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Step 2: Lower Bids

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Step 3: Historical Review

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Step 4: Review By Network

Series On Succeeding in the Display Network

Step 5: Review By Device

3 Mobile Marketing Tips

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Step 6: Try Remarketing

Remarketing Success & Advanced Strategies

Step 7: Add Negatives

6 Tips to Improve Your Negative Keyword Strategy

Step 8: Day Parting

Step 9: Analyze Geographically

Using AdWords Location Targeting Effectively

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