I’m definitely a hotdog enthusiast, frequently having a couple for lunch. I mean, what’s not to like: they’re easy to make, taste good, and are nicely filling with a good balance of protein to carbs.

Of course, the not to like part is what might go into them and how they’re made. And that’s one reason I insist on Hebrew National and Nathan’s.

But I’m certainly open to trying something better, which is why the following ad caught my eye:

A Facebook page for Applegate Wieners

I know that my local grocery stores all carry Applegate and that Applegate makes a bunch of organic lunch meats and cheases, so the idea of an Applegate-made premium/organic hot god sounded good. Plus, the ad itself is well done — whoever thought up the name Wienervention deserves a raise — so I clicked-through.

And that’s when things turned south.

I expected to be taken to a landing page explaining why even “premium” store brands like Nathan’s and Hebrew National contain not so good stuff in them, and why Applegate dogs are guaranteed to not only be healthier, but tastier. And heck, maybe I’d like a little funny content about how to stage a Wienervention and stuff.

Here’s what I got instead of all that:

Applegate's Facebook Page

Yes, the banner photo told me I was in the right plce. but there was nothing on the Applegate home page to carry the momentum. Nothing to explain why Applegat’s weiners are better tasting and better for you, and nothing to reveal the nasty stuff that’s in even “premium” branded dogs.

So… I left.  And just because I work in this industry and because I was curious, I went to Applegate’s Website in search of more info.

What I found was a page that had some great info about the differnt kinds of hotdogs Applegate made, and some spectacular videos on the passion and care with which they make their dogs, such as this one:

So, if this is where all the info is, why not direct people from the ad to their Website?  Or if they want to keep them inside Facebook, why not create a campaign landing page for these Weinervention ads?

Heck, why not feature the videos IN the ads themselves?

Granted, not every ad needs to be clicked to make a difference — just having your ads seen can be effective — but if you ARE aiming for the click, make sure it leads to something great, and not just your regular ol’ Facebook page.