To start your new year out right, you should look for some big ideas to bring to the table for your PPC campaigns to your client or boss. I recently polled the group over at to see what they were bringing to the table this year. Here are some of their answers and some things I’m doing!

One user said they were starting to use Remarketing with Google Analytics. Find out more about how to set this up here. The really cool thing about Analytics remarketing is all of the cool stuff you can remarket based on. I’ve set up a lot of standard goals to remarket to like a number of pages per visit that’s above average, time spent on the site that’s above average, etc. But you could get really creative! Think of all the things you have access to in Analytics. Remarket only to people who use the Chrome browser. Remarket to people who use a really good screen resolution size. Remarket to people using the English browser setting in Japan. The possibilities are endless!

Remarketing, in general, has a lot of areas for new ideas this year. We’ve started using a service for some of our clients that creates dynamic creative for their remarketing efforts. It shows them creative, often interactive, that directly reflects the page they were just visiting on your site. Google offers this service through AdWords, but it’s currently in beta. See if you can get into the beta here. Another beta Google has open is remarketing for search. You can read about it here. Seems like you’ll need to contact your Google rep for that one, but it sounds neat!

Product Listing Ads, if you haven’t already got on this ban wagon for e-commerce, could be HUGE for your company. Check out some more information about them here. A huge percentage of my clients’ income over the holiday season came from product listing ads. There was for sure a learning curve for me to understand how to optimize the feed and figure out what segmenting worked best, but after that I was basically just raking in money for my clients. There are a ton of blogs out there now that people are becoming more familiar with them, like how to optimize them and some best practices. Check out this one for starters!

Something I’d really like to dive into for my clients this year is attribution modeling. This is available through lots of different services and bid management softwares, but it seems more and more companies are focusing on it. Google is launching a tool for Google Analytics for this as well. Check it out here! The goal with attribution modeling is to make sure credit is given where credit is due, and help clear any doubts about where the conversions are really coming from. It also allows a clear picture of how all marketing efforts are connecting and lifting each other, and exactly how that is happening. It’s a tool in your PPC toolbelt to give PPC credit for all of its influence and ensure everyone understands what other marketing channels are influencing your PPC performances.

What cool, new things are you guys bringing to the table for 2013?